Home Redesign & Organization

Tol House Design stages homes to help clients sell their homes faster and for higher prices. The homes leaving the best impressions allow the buyer to visualize living in them. Ninety percent of homeowners view a home on line first, so the rooms should be prepared with the camera in mind. The initial few weeks of showings are crucial and Tol House Design will ensure your home is marketed in the most positive manner. The investment you make in staging your home pales in comparison to the money given up in price cuts for an ill prepared listing. Enter the market with a competitive and attractive home. Make your home stand out from all the others!

Home Staging

Tol House Design uses practical creativity to redesign your home. Whether you are downsizing, converting a college child's bedroom to a more grown-up space or simply tired of your "look", Tol House Design will create a beautiful new atmosphere. Through simple touches such as pillows, crisp bedding and re- organization, Tol House Design affordably creates an updated space.

Tol House Design can maximize your living space and instill a sense of calm structure to any room. By developing an organizational system for you, the clutter is streamlined and the elements of the house that you love are brought out. No job is too big or too small!